Today is June 30th, guess what that means.

sedins We want contract

With today being the last day for the Canucks GM Mike Gillis to negotiate a new contract for the Sedin twins exlusively, what will happen? Will they re-sign for that 12 year deal or will they take less years or test the free agent market? Personally I like the Sedin’s and all but a 12 year contract seems way too long for them to be here. I would rather see them sign a 6-7 year deal instead, it’s still long deal and not a lifetime. I’ve never liked the idea of 10-15 year contracts handed out to players. Sure you keep your superstars around for a long time at a lower cap hit, but it just looks weird too me. Then there’s the high possibilty of testing the free agent market where there’s talk of them going to Toronto because of the Brian Burke factor. I have no idea what will happen with their contracts and where they will sign, we can only guess and speculate.

One Response to “Today is June 30th, guess what that means.”

  1. It means tomorrows Canada Day? No, seriously, all we can do now is wait.

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