Canucks Sign Mikael Samuelsson

The Vancouver Canucks have signed Mikael Samuelsson to a 3 year deal at a rumored 2.5 million a year. Samuelsson, last season in Detroit put up 19 goals and 21 assists playing on the 3rd and 4th lines and manning the point on the Power-play.  He play’s on the right wing and has previously played with the Sedin’s in international play at the World Championships and at the Olympics. Could that be were Alain Vigneault put’s him and at the same time re-unites Alex Burrows with Ryan Kesler or does Samuelsson play on the 3rd or 4th line? Hard to say right now I guess.

Yesterday’s Minor League Signings

Nolan Baumgartner – terms no disclosed

Lawrence Nycholat 1 year one-way

Matt Pope – terms not disclosed

Tanner Glass 1 year two-way contract

One Response to “Canucks Sign Mikael Samuelsson”

  1. Fitchell Says:

    I like this signing. He’ll look very nice playing on either our third line or even the Sedin line. As much I as I hate the Sedin signing, if we can convince Sundin to come back at this point.. our forwards will be better than they were last year, which is awesome. We never had a problem scoring last year.

    Now, if we could only do something about our defense..

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