And So it Begins

It’s finally time for the start of the NHL regular season to get under way tonight when the Canucks take on the Calgary Flames in Calgary. The Canucks finished the pre-season with a 7-0-2 record and look to start the season 1-0 with a victory tonight. With that said hopefully I didn’t just jinx them from doing so. I look forward to this season knowing that the team looks good on paper, but I want to know how they perform on the ice together other than a few pre-season games that I barely watched. The game will be shown on CBC at 7:00pm PST And here are the lineups for tonights game for each team.

Canucks Lines

Sedin – Sedin – Burrows
Shirokov – Kesler – Samuelsson
Raymond – Wellwood – Bernier
Hordichuk – Johnson – Rypien

Mitchell – Salo
Edler – Ehrhoff
O’Brien – Bieksa


Flames Lines

Moss – Jokinen – Iginla
Dawes – Langkow – Bourque
Glencross – Conroy – Boyd
Sjostrom – Nystrom – Prust

Regehr – Phaneuf
Giordano – Bouwmeester
Kronwall – Pardy


Who am I looking out for the most in the first few games?

Sergei Shirokov Why? Because he really impressed me in the 2 games that he played and shows that he can put the puck in the net and I would really like to see him put up some really solid numbers and show what kind of talent he has and he will be on the second line with Kesler and Samuelson along with the Sedins on the Power play in tonights game.

Christian Ehrhoff Why? I want to see how he plays his defensive position and see how his QB skills are on the power play and how he plays with Edler.

Mason Raymond Why? I want to see him score in more than just shootouts and see him not get knocked off the puck so easily as he has in the past.

One Response to “And So it Begins”

  1. Malfaisant Says:

    Ehrhoff isn’t a PPQB, he is a quick moving puck mover, something we’ve lacked for a long time. Schneider was brought in to be our “PPQB”, and I can’t wait to see how that goes. Salo, Edler, Ehrhoff and Schneider on the points.. watch out.

    It was a shame to see Ehrhoff paired with O’Brien last night.. actually.. I hoped I wouldn’t so O’Brien at all this year, but whats done is done. I don’t think Edler-Ehrhoff is a good pair either, you need to pair those kind of D-men with people like Mitchell and Salo so that they can jump up when like like, knowing they have a good d-man to watch their back.

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